Transform surfaces and furniture into loudspeakers
  • Technology and design combined to the highest standard
  • Best sound quality
  • Space-saving design
  • No cables or loudspeakers visible

Sounds good, doesn’t it

INTUBLU makes loudspeakers that get in the way redundant. From now on, furniture and surfaces will play back your hit list. Do you love music and good design

Do you attach importance to a well-designed room concept and would prefer not to spoil the look with a loudspeaker that doesn’t fit in

INTUBLU makes loudspeakers that spoil your room’s look and get in the way a thing of the past – because from now on, furniture and surfaces will play back your hit list.

INTUBLU consists of two structure-borne sound converters and a Bluetooth mains adapter. Mount everything in the place of your choice – concealed inside cabinets, kitchen drawers or behind your bathroom mirror, pair with your mobile phone or other devices via Bluetooth to immediately enjoy your music in top sound quality. The surface vibration achieved by INTUBLU lets you make the most of existing furniture and forget about the design and loudspeaker cables getting in the way.

Technical data


Dimensions of the structure-borne sound converter: Diameter approx. 68 mm



Screw-on points

Three screw-on points on the loudspeaker




  • Can be mounted on wood, aluminium, glass, mirrors and plastic

Feature list
Feature list 1 x Bluetooth mains adapter: Supply cable: 1.5 m H03VVH2-F 2 x 0.75 mm2 with Euro plug
110-230 V~ 50/60 Hz
2 screw-on points
Audio outputs: 2 x 10 W (mono/stereo)
2 x structure-borne sound converters: Supply cable: Each 2.0 m PVC connecting cable with device system plug
3 screw-on points
Voltage rating: 30 V
Adhesive surface on the back side
Can be mounted using screws or adhesive
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