BlueResponsibility by BACHMANN

“At the BACHMANN Group, we promote Life Quality every day for people across the globe.”

Our vision is clear: “At the BACHMANN Group, we promote Life Quality every day for people across the globe.” Sustainability and corporate social responsibility simply go hand in hand. At BACHMANN, we use the term BlueResponsibility for these areas, which include the three pillars of ecology, social affairs and economy.

In 2020, we joined the United Nations Global Compact. In doing so, we have officially committed ourselves to do our best every day to protect nature, the environment and humans alike. “What happens in our world affects us all,” says Peter Bachmann, owner and CEO of the BACHMANN Group. This is what we are committed to, and every little step counts.

“What happens in our world affects us all.”

Peter Bachmann, CEO

SDGs and climate neutrality

We are focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8, 9, 12 and 13. However, other SDGs can also be tackled with individual measures. Across the globe, we are pleased to see the BACHMANN community has a great deal of awareness about continuously improving the framework conditions through specific activities. As an example, we are aiming to recognise further BACHMANN companies and products in the balance sheet in 2024. BlueResponsibility is a never-ending project at BACHMANN. Continuity and an awareness of the issue of sustainability play a crucial role here.

"Among all our measures, saving energy is a key issue."

Marius Dafini, Head of Production, Romania

All BACHMANN production managers – whether in Romania, China or Germany – and their teams are aware of the importance of BlueResponsibility. Saving energy is one of the key focuses. Transitions – such as solar energy, complete LED lighting or optimised production processes – contribute towards this.  But other topics such as reducing packaging and introducing concepts that add value are also firmly on the agenda. We are convinced that every small step in the ecological, economic and social sense makes a big difference – but so too does the awareness that each individual has of BlueResponsibility. That is our objective. For this very reason, there is no printed information on BlueResponsibility – online is more than enough in our digital age.

“Through the new Hybrid Work model, we are promoting ways to balance work and family life.”

Jennifer Staiger, Head of Human Resources

Social responsibility is hugely important to BACHMANN. By introducing numerous measures that vary from location to location, we are supporting colleagues to integrate work into their lives. By way of an example, this includes the Hybrid Work model used in Stuttgart. As such, this model reduces travel and commuting times, while also burning less fuel, which in turn is good for the environment.

We are also proud of the voluntary work undertaken by many colleagues. In addition, donations to organisations in the health, education and science sectors are another key aspect for the BACHMANN Group.

“BlueResponsibility is a transformation towards sustainability. We must simply dare to begin.”

Yinyin Li, Sustainability Manager

Peter Bachmann believes the company’s values are crucial to continuously improving people’s quality of life. By extension, the sustainable actions of each individual will make a tangible difference.

At BACHMANN, BlueResponsibility is a central component of its day-to-day activities. At the same time we are not only thinking and acting internally, but are also working hand in hand with our external customers and partners to become ever more sustainable.

Our BlueResponsibility report provides transparency and an overview of everything we have achieved together.


Robert Gleim

Sustainability Manager


Yinyin Li

Sustainability Manager



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