Who we are – the BACHMANN Group


Innovative, individual, international

BACHMANN is a successful family business operating in the electrical engineering industry. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the distribution and use of energy. As part of this, we construct aesthetic and functional connection points and connector strips. Build clever options for power distribution in offices. Equip kitchens and living rooms with connection panels and sockets that are seen as popular furnishings at the same time. And design high-performance power distribution units for complex applications such as data centres. 


Founded in Stuttgart 

Founded in Stuttgart in 1948, BACHMANN is now a globally active owner-managed group of companies with production facilities in several continents. For the managing directors as well as the more than 800 employees, values such as quality, innovation and community continue to count today. 

Design and functionality are of the utmost importance for BACHMANN products. Design is often considered equal to pure artistic creation. Yet there is a crucial difference: pure, artistic creation should be pleasing or even trigger and inspire emotions. In contrast, design has a defined purpose and it is considered good when this purpose has been fulfilled. Having an effect is more than just being pleasing. For us, it is important that our products make the hearts of aesthetes beat faster and that they also solve a problem. Product design as the ability to connect different poles. 


The future of work 

However, equipping offices in particular not only includes the electronic infrastructure, but also overcoming conventional power distribution and the associated use of space. We have therefore built up our powerful Next Generation Office sub-brand in recent years. Smart workspace platforms for desk sharing and flexible office use, mobile XXL energy storage systems for the working context and completely independent workplaces: we are designing the office of the future! This is because the working culture of tomorrow will be based on flexibility, individuality and a new understanding of teamwork. 

And it will go further! As the BACHMANN Group, we have big plans today. In the coming years we want to extend our portfolio, cover even more areas of life with our products and, in doing so, play an active role in shaping the working world. Above all, our guiding principle is to improve people's quality of life every day. 


Sustainable for our planet 

Living sustainability is particularly important to us. BACHMANN is also guided by the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations and splits this important work between the three pillars of ecology, economy and society. Together with our employees, we want to be a company that includes topics such as waste avoidance and the reduction of carbon dioxide every day as a basis for decision-making, that enables the compatibility of family and work through hybrid work models and that focuses on the health and well-being of the individual. To this end, we have launched the Blue Responsibility project to provide a home for the coordination of this transformation process within the company. 

Innovation and research are important to us. We fully embrace the Swabian entrepreneurial spirit. This means that we want to find new solutions for new demands. Our Innovation Markets department works every day to ensure that further development in society and in people's everyday lives is not just the replacement of one problem with another. 

With its ideas, products and concepts, BACHMANN promotes the quality of life and work of countless people every day. And that in the most diverse areas of environments. Take inspiration as well. And become part of an idea. WE POWER YOUR LIFE! 

"Our goal here at BACHMANN is to be a trendsetter, to offer value, and to bring innovations to life."

Peter Bachmann, CEO, Bachmann GmbH

BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany
BACHMANN branch in Gumpelstadt, Thuringia (Germany)
DC data centre in the BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany