Perfectly powered - even at home!

Work spontaneously from home - safe, stylish and simple

Your home office connections

Yesterday only a vision of the future, now suddenly reality! We all were catapulted by the current situation around the Covid-19 into a world we have been talking about for a long time: New Work, and with it, Home Office. But, are we already equipped accordingly, and can our today's technology handle the sudden work from home?

Of course, we support you and your clients during this time wherever we can!

Or would you like to fit out your employees, who suddenly find themselves in home office, safe and comfortable?

Whether classic and high-quality or stylish and professional: Our offer provides the perfect power distribution for your home - and of course for your employees and clients. Thanks to the CONNECTUS, the workplace can even briefly be out of your sight. Not only numerous socket inserts for all your end devices are provided, the integrated touch protection also ensures a high level of safety.

For the desired design and the right power distribution on your table at home, we offer the DESK 2 including the connection cable.

Transform your private home to your favourite working place with us - you won't even notice that you are working in home office!

See for yourself!

German offer. For international requests please don´t hesitate to contact us.




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