Our history

From a Swabian sales agency to a global company that develops, produces and sells its own products and services. BACHMANN's history is characterised by its family foundation, coupled with continuous further development, growth and value orientation. Join us on a brief journey through history!

The BACHMANN history

From 1948 until today

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Dr.-Ing. Oliver Eitrich completes the management

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Eitrich takes over as Managing Director for Value Stream, Finance and Digitalisation - important segments for the future of the company.

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Hans-Peter Wulf takes over Managing Director position

In 2021, Hans-Peter Wulf will be appointed Managing Director Sales & Marketing, representing the voice of the customer in the first place.

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Investment in iotspot

In 2019, BACHMANN invested in the Dutch start-up, iotspot. www.iotspot.co


Use of informal business language encouraged

In 2018, Peter Bachmann and Jan Repplinger introduced a culture of first-name terms to the company. This was a perfect fit with the vibrant corporate culture already in place at BACHMANN.

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Jan Repplinger joins

Jan Repplinger joined BACHMANN as an additional Managing Director in 2016. From now on Peter Bachmann & Jan Repplinger lead the fate of the company BACHMANN


Chinese partner AEL acquired

In 2016, BACHMANN took over its Chinese partner AEL, including the premises and employees.


Sales office founded in England

An additional sales subsidiary was established in England (London) in 2011.

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Companies founded in Romania and France

BACHMANN continued its internationalisation by establishing facilities in Romania (Mediaș) and France (Paris) in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Whilst the facility in France was established as a sales subsidiary.


Development and production for OEMs

In 2001, BACHMANN started in-house development and production operations for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Since then, the focus has been on solutions offering high-level customer benefits.

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First international sales location

In 1999, the first international sales and distribution facility in Europe was established in Barcelona, Spain.

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New building for manufacturing and logistics centre

In 1998, a new production facility and logistics centre was built near to Steinbach in Gumpelstadt in Thuringia.


BACHMANN expands into Asia

The expansion of the BACHMANN Group's production platform into Asia began in 1994, culminating in the takeover and in-house management of a production facility in Guangdong, China in 2016.

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Peter Bachmann joins

In 1993, Peter Bachmann, son of Dieter Bachmann, (the third generation) joined the company as Managing Director. By this time, the number of BACHMANN employees had risen to around 80 people throughout the world.


Expansion in Thuringia

In 1990, the electrical engineering industry division of BACHMANN was extended by the electrical engineering company BACHMANN Elektrotechnik based in Steinbach, Thuringia.

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In 1979, Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG was formed from the Josef Bachmann KG company.


LIEBHERR industrial representation acquired

In 1979, Dieter Bachmann took over the industrial representation for LIEBHERR in Baden-Württemberg, which Peter Bachmann then continued from 2006-2018.

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In-house production of patch cords begins

In 1973/1978, the Parabel Electric company as it was then known – headed by Dieter Bachmann and his wife Sieglinde – started producing its own connectors in Winterbach, Germany.

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Dieter Bachmann joins

The son of Josef Bachmann, Dieter Bachmann, joined the company as a commercial trainee in 1954.

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Company founded by Josef Bachmann

Josef Bachmann established the Josef Bachmann KG sales agency in Stuttgart in 1948. The focus was on the sales of electrical engineering products.