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Innovative, individual, international

You have a kitchen. Do you work in an office? Or even operate an entire data centre? Then the chances are you already know BACHMANN. The company with Swabian roots was established over 70 years ago, in 1948. Today it is a globally active, owner-managed group of companies operating in the electrical engineering industry. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the BACHMANN Group develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for various fields of application. These include:

  • Electronic components and systems, such as intelligent power distribution units
  • Emotional products such as award-winning desk connection panels
  • Digital services and solutions that feature superior added value, such as flexible, future-oriented office furnishing

Alongside the expertise offered by our production and development centres in Germany, Romania and China, BACHMANN operates around 30 sales offices and partner companies around the world.


The BACHMANN Community ensures specific customer benefits
Together with Managing Directors Peter Bachmann and Hans-Peter Wulf, the BACHMANN Board drives the corporate strategy through into the BACHMANN Community. This community, including ~800 employees worldwide, puts theory into practice. With functionality, design and innovation, BACHMANN sets new standards in specific benefits for its customers.   

In keeping with the philosophy of a German small- to medium-sized company, quality together with responsible and future-oriented business dealings are at the forefront.


Innovation experts are already shaping the future today
With a network comprising experienced experts within the group and others within the industry, research and design sectors, BACHMANN is looking far into the future. Teams are developing tailored, technical innovations. This enables us to create new, disruptive products and services as well as digital and analogue complete solutions for fields such as Office and Home, right through to complete data centres. Here, professionals are creating new, relevant and future-oriented values with a passion. Direct current technology is one of Innovation Markets core areas of expertise, which has been expressed professionally in the BACHMANN Group’s new 380-volt direct current data centre. Learn more.


What we stand for
To ensure long-term success, one of our key priorities is ensuring that our products, services and processes are tailored as far as possible to continuously changing market demands. Our clear objective is healthy, constant, international corporate growth, to which each individual makes their contribution. In this respect, people are our focus. Each individual is unique and makes an essential contribution to our success. Personal relationships with customers, suppliers and our own employees alike, some of which have been developed over many years, are therefore key to us.

Our aspirations are backed up by our corporate values. These are firmly established within our culture and form the basis for our daily business operations – both externally and internally.

"Our goal here at BACHMANN is to be a trendsetter, to offer value, and to bring innovations to life."

Peter Bachmann, CEO, Bachmann GmbH

BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany
BACHMANN branch in Gumpelstadt, Thuringia (Germany)
DC data centre in the BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany

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