HOLA booth – the Independent retreat

Independent retreat

Planners are designing areas that are increasingly flexible and modular. The furniture should live up to this concept, too. Pods and work boxes have to be autonomous and movable without much effort. The HOLA booth is a place of retreat that is not tied down.

At one time, open-plan offices offered all personality types the same working conditions: noise, sensory overload and few areas of retreat. On the contrary, modern offices are separated into spheres. Modern room designs create spaces with different structures: retreats for focused work or for introverted personality types, open spaces for exchanging ideas and talking, and project zones for specific work groups.


Stay flexible!

However, problems occur if the spaces are not divided up flexibly. Since the need for a type of space may change, designs must be expandable, mobile or movable. Office cabins, pods and work boxes are perfect as areas to retreat to, but they are often permanently installed in a particular location. An installation team is required to move the box to ensure that the power supply is set up, for example.

„We see a need for large office furniture to be mobile. Maximum mobility is in high demand.”

James Peckitt, Managing Director UK

Independent and individual

This is exactly where the HOLA booth comes in, a collaborative project by studiobricks, a design office from Barcelona, and BACHMANN. It is an independent work box with all the comforts of an individual work space, but it is battery powered and can be moved. The booth’s battery is fully charged in around three hours and supplies work units with power for eight hours using the BACHMANN POWER FRAME connection panel.

Despite this, the battery only weighs just over six kilograms. The battery charge can be continually monitored via the LED display.


Independence is key

The space-booking tool iotspot can also be integrated into the HOLA booth, meaning that use of the cabin can be planned throughout the day. iotspot also makes it easy to find the booth: if it has moved, the iotspot user can locate it easily and conveniently using the app.


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