United we stand

United we stand

It is important to the BACHMANN Group to represent and live a clear stance. We see ourselves as a community of values and within the framework of these values we reject aggression and armed conflicts. Instead, we promote democracy and freedom.

We, the management and the entire staff of the BACHMANN Group, are very saddened by the events of the last few weeks. Our sympathy is expressed not only in our credo "United we stand", but also in the initiation and implementation of the following relief and donation campaigns:

  • a fund for concrete support of families in our BACHMANN community who are directly affected with their families.
  • various financial donations, e.g. for the Ukrainian Maltesers
  • Truck tours with needed relief goods, the contents, quantity, and delivery of which were coordinated and agreed upon beforehand with public authorities in Ukraine
  • Donations in kind, e.g. of food, baby food, formula milk, nappies, blankets and electrical material.

Influence of the events on the production of the BACHMANN Group:

The armed conflict currently being fought on the territory of Ukraine has no impact on BACHMANN's value and supply chain at this point in time.

The following points currently apply to our production:

  • BACHMANN does not maintain a production plant or distribution centre in Ukraine or Russia.
  • BACHMANN does not procure any merchandise or components from suppliers based in Ukraine or Russia.
  • Suppliers for the components or trade goods purchased by us do not manufacture in production plants in Ukraine or Russia or have not made this transparent to us.
  • Suppliers of BACHMANN do not work with upstream suppliers who are affected by the armed conflict or have not made this transparent to us.
  • Currently, the production and supply chain of the BACHMANN Group is not directly affected by the conflict.

The management and the entire staff of the BACHMANN Group will continue to do everything in their power to carry and realise the company's corporate values in production and value creation.