Australian ergonomics meets Swabian engineering

The Australian company ZGO Technologies is expanding its business into the European market. Basis for the monitor arm manufacturer is the strategic partnership with the German electrical engineering company BACHMANN Group.

Despite the long distance between Stuttgart and Melbourne, the companies were able to agree quickly. The Australian monitor arm manufacturer ZGO Technologies has chosen BACHMANN Group from Stuttgart as its exclusive partner for the European market. Both sides were convinced by the similar business philosophy and markets, despite the different fields. In addition, the partnership is a harmonious expansion of the Swabian manufacturer's own product range.

"Our portfolio ranges from classic BACHMANN products to solutions which are essential, especially in modern offices. With the monitor arms from ZGO Technologies we can extend our offer by an important part of the office world. Every employee should enjoy the combined benefits of ergonomics, functionality and flexibility at the workplace", comments Patrick Zimmermann, Head of Product & Application Management at Bachmann.

Ergonomics from Down Under

At the other end of the world, ZGO Technologies started as a supplier of desktop monitor arms. An important component for the fast-changing office world, providing ergonomics and flexibility at the workplace. Following sales in the Asian and American markets, the European market will now be covered to a larger extent. "We are delighted to be associated with such a forward thinking and dynamic European organisation as the BACHMANN Group and are confident that the combination of our companies’ distinctive talents will provide BACHMANN customers with more ergonomically sound and productivity enhanced workplaces“, adds John Ellis, CEO of ZGO Technologies.

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