Hybrid Work – the answer to the crisis

Corona has accelerated the digital transformation of the work environment in companies in the past few months. But what will happen in the future? For the Swabian medium-sized company Bachmann GmbH, things are moving towards 'hybrid work' with momentum.

First the development of hygiene concepts, now it goes further: How does the future working model in companies look like? According to a special study conducted as part of the future study "Leben Arbeit, Bildung 2035+" (Life Work, Education 2035+) by the Münchner Kreis and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, 92 percent of those surveyed believe that the spatial and temporal distribution of work will be oriented in the long term to the standards established during the crisis. Managing directors, executives and HR managers are also considering this. After all, the productivity of employees has not decreased - on the contrary. Thanks to the newly acquired flexibility, many companies have felt an upswing in performance. The electrical engineering company Bachmann is also sticking to the newly gained structures and is making big steps towards the future.

„Back to the previous scheme was absolutely no option for us,“ tells Melanie Winnai, Head of Human Resources at Bachmann GmbH, and elaborates „ In recent months, we have discarded existing structures and added new ones. We will continue to adhere to these in the future. For me, the people in the organization are the center stage and the new working conditions allow us to offer them more flexibility - which leads to more satisfaction. Working methods from the crisis serve as a base for the new hybrid working model. In addition to the free choice of working place, the company will introduce a flexible and trust-based working time model for all employees starting in September. The changes of the last months are the new daily routine. "We are courageous and take the next step. We call this 'hybrid work'. Employees can freely arrange their working hours in the available time frame, from Monday to Saturday, in coordination with their team. Sport in between, homework with the kids or a visit at the doctor's is no problem, because for us the result of our work is what counts," says Winnai.

Hybrid work for more sustainability

The medium-sized company is carrying the drive of the last months with it: Time and place do not matter, only trust and result orientation provides the foundation for the new working model. "The possibility of being able to work flexibly from home ensures that our colleagues are motivated, satisfied and productive. In our eyes, this is due to the flexibility and ongoing digitalization. The measures due to the lock-down were accepted proactively, work and, for example, childcare could be arranged - the pleasure of work was still present," adds Melanie Winnai. This is confirmed by a Fraunhofer survey. According to the survey, 80 percent of those surveyed are satisfied in their private office. The only obstacle for many employees: the separation of professional and private life. "Of course, for many of our colleagues it was also a balancing act between childcare and work. One of the reasons why we see a flexible working time model as a must for Bachmann. We want to achieve that work is integrated into life - not the other way around," confirms Peter Bachmann, CEO of Bachmann GmbH.

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