BACHMANN customers benefit from a better delivery performance than ever before

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Satisfied customers and partners – the goal behind all of our activities and efforts. Whether within our three in-house factories, in our internal and field support networks, or in our customer support activities – the driver for our employees throughout the world is the goal of meeting orders on time and accurately, therefore making us a strong and reliable partner for our customers.

When, in 2018, we realized that we were struggling to achieve this goal, BACHMANN made every effort to turn this situation around. We went through a period of restructuring, we introduced new functions and processes, and even drew upon external experts for advice. As early as the beginning of 2019, we were already able to announce that our delivery performance had returned to the previous year's level, and today we are in an even better position than ever before.

In 2018, BACHMANN was facing major challenges in terms of delivery reliability and delivery times. To overcome these, we undertook a programme of restructuring, and developed a combination of individual functions that includes the strategic realignment of the global added-value, supply-chain and production-oriented development functions, among other activities. Prof. Dr. Ansgar Kühn from the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, who supported BACHMANN throughout this phase in his capacity as external consultant, summarises with positivity: “BACHMANN has adapted and optimised fundamental structures within the operations division globally. As a result, customers benefit greatly from simple through to highly intelligent and individual solutions.”

In parallel to these activities, a great deal of changes have also been made at BACHMANN’s plant in Germany, the centre of its European operations. A new continuous-flow production line and the new mechanical finishing centre are just two of a number of innovations that enable the production facility to respond to customer requirements with a high level of flexibility. BACHMANN is now even able to produce extremely low batch quantities, which customers – including an international educational institute – have already come to appreciate: “BACHMANN delivers exactly what we have come to expect – small quantities of an extremely high quality.”

Against this background, the interaction between sales, production and logistics was also analysed and modernized. A decisive issue in readying the company for the future and for speeding up delivery bottlenecks was to implement an integrated sales and production planning system, which enables the earlier identification of what is needed, where and when.

Siegfried Braun, Head of Global Operations, summarises: “All in all, we are incredibly happy with how we have realised the various projects focused on delivery times and production processes, and everything that we have achieved. It is now time for us to build on this, because our clear objective is to be the best supplier and partner for our customers, and to remain so for a long time to come. It is not without reason that the goal of enabling our customers and employees to live and experience Life Quality each and every day lies at the very heart of BACHMANN's corporate vision.”

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