Distance and safety after returning to the office

The government partially loosened the measures regarding Covid-19 already last week, and businesses are also starting preventive planning for the return of their employees from the home office. The top priority here is to maintain the right distance and thereby minimize the risk of infection in office complexes in the long term. A feature of the smart workplace management system iotspot, which was specially developed for the Corona crisis, helps organisations to cope with the challenges that arose in the short term.

Companies create corona plans: Parts of social and economic life may soon be able to resume. Therefore, it is essential that organisations ensure their employees maintain the recommended distance, that hygiene measures are followed and that the protection of everyone is guaranteed. To achieve this, the capacity of offices and workspaces must be managed. A new feature of the workplace management system iotspot helps organizations to control the occupancy of workplaces and to keep the recommended distances between them.

Stick and start

With an NFC sticker specially designed for the current situation, companies can easily reduce desk capacity. The sticker can be conveniently attached to all workstations, and the further configuration is done via a self-explanatory setup app. This allows companies to decide for themselves how many desks are available and how many are locked in order to reduce capacity in office complexes. For this purpose, the workplace can be scanned and blocked in the app. The office capacity can be updated in real time.

Safe distance

Book a desk comfortably from home: The app allows employees to view the building floor plan and all available desks. Blocked workplaces are shown as occupied in a floor plan. In addition, companies can check at the entrance that only employees who have a booked a desk are allowed to enter the office complex.

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