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Whether co-working space or open-plan office: In addition to minimising costs, the flexible choice of workplace is supposed to promote employee exchange and increase productivity. A sensible idea, but one that does not always make employees happy. Because in many flexible concepts, the search for a free desk becomes the morning annoyance for employees. The call for smart workspace systems such as iotspot is huge – integrated in BACHMANN's DESK, the necessary power supply is provided directly.

If companies had not already established modern ways of working, Covid-19 is certainly a catalyst. Home office is now an established feature for many employers and the flexible choice of workplace is a good way to keep distances. For employees, this is often a routine associated with stress - especially if the new form of working is regulated manually. Office buildings with systems that regulate the new situation via a smart platform are convenient and user-friendly. Not only the employees find it easy to get started in the new environment with the help of a user app. Facility managers, HR managers and managing directors also benefit from valuable evaluations thanks to iotspot.

On the app, ready, go!
Get up, make coffee, book a seat - nothing else prevents a relaxed start to the working day thanks to a smart user app. After downloading the app for free from the Apple or Google Play Store, employees can register and log in with their business email. The company's stored locations appear on the start screen. Free workplaces for the day or for a specific period of time can be booked using either a detailed map or an overall view. Thanks to an integrated search function, colleagues or project partners can also be displayed and a place in the surrounding area can be secured. The overall view shows all workstations, marked with colours for the current occupancy status, so that employees can see live whether there are still free desks. An intuitive configuration app takes care of the details in the user app.

Everything at a glance!
Not only the integration of iotspot is an advantage for those responsible of office complexes due to the easy handling of the configuration app. Via detailed evaluations accessible at any time, facility management, HR managers or managing directors receive data and analyses on workplace utilisation and thus valuable knowledge for cost optimisation. However, it is not only desks that can be conveniently tracked. Through connectable sensors, the capacity and utilisation of meeting rooms can be viewed. Measuring sensors detect the number of people present. In the long term, additional detectors that measure the temperature and carbon dioxide content, among other things, ensure a better quality of the room climate in all areas of the office complex. Of course, the entire system is 100 percent data-protection compliant.

A tool for every requirement!
The advantages for employees and employers of flexible working are found in one system - even in times of pandemics. In real time, workspace operators reduce desk capacity via the configuration app and thus preserve the spacing rules between colleagues.

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