Regular electrical testing

in accordance with international standards

Complying with the law without switching off

EN 50110-1 provides a normative basis for regulating the operation of an electrical system and, 
consequently, a data centre. This standard, require electrical retests to be carried out every four years. A crucial partial test is the insulation measurement, which must be performed in a de-energised state, i.e. the electrical system and, therefore, the data centre must be switched off.

However, since a data centre has to provide high availability and so simply cannot be switched off, our RCM technology makes use of an exemption clause contained in the EN 50110-1 standard. This clause indicates, amongst other things, that an insulation test is not required, and so switch-off does not have to occur, if an electrical system is overseen by specialist personnel and continuously monitored using measuring instruments.

The measurement reports of the BACHMANN residual current monitoring (RCM) can be submitted during a retest as proof of the level of insulation. The other partial tests required can be conducted when the system is live, i.e. without having to switch off the data centre.

Our BlueNet PDUs with integrated residual current monitoring provide you with granulated measurement results and tell you about the tiniest changes to the level of insulation, enabling you to monitor new equipment that is to be installed at a rack level, adjust threshold values accordingly and distinguish leakage currents from real residual currents.

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