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Neutral conductor monitoring

The 3-phase BACHMANN BN3000 – 7500 series BlueNet PDUs feature neutral conductor monitoring as stipulated in the EN 50600 standard.

Preventing damage

Generally speaking, operators of data centres want to achieve almost symmetrical utilisation of the outer conductors (phases), although this is not always possible. On top of this, the multitude of switching power supplies in the connected IT devices generate an unpleasant side effect in the form of unwanted harmonic waves, which superimpose the 50 Hz fundamental frequency in the grid.

The superimposed harmonics mean there is no longer a value of “zero” at the neutral conductor; rather, in the worst-case scenario there will be a much higher value, which can even reach 1.73 times the nominal current of the outer conductors. It is essential for this huge current load to be monitored, which our BlueNet PDUs do with additional built-in sensors.

There is another factor that makes neutral conductor monitoring necessary: improper installations may result in the neutral conductor being connected incorrectly or loosely within the installation. Depending on the internal resistances of the connected IT equipment, this could lead to extreme overvoltages and, consequently, to the IT devices being seriously damaged or even destroyed. This is another reason why neutral conductor monitoring is so important.

All of the above means that neutral conductor monitoring is a requirement of EN 50600, the standard for data centres. BACHMANN‘s three-phase BlueNet PDUs from series BN3000 – BN7500 can be equipped with this function, which will be beneficial when certifying your data centre in accordance with EN 50600.


Simple monitoring


Prevention of IT equipment being damage


Fulfilment data centre standard EN 50600


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