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Cascading master-slave concept

A BlueNet master PDU can manage up to 11 BlueNet slave PDUs via a separate Modbus connection.

Saving costs, minimising complexity

This means you can save on expensive network ports and are able to define groups of outlet ports that include several PDUs. Grouping in this way allows you to reset multiple power supply units of a server or switch at the same time.

Every BlueNet PDU features Modbus RTU interfaces to facilitate cascading. The PDUs are connected to one another via a standard network cable – there is no need for any special cables. With this type of cascading, you will only need to provide one network port for a total of six racks with two BlueNet PDUs each, for example. This makes the communication network less complex and reduces the number of IP addresses required.

The PDUs from series BN7000 and BN7500 are PoE-capable (PoE: Power over Ethernet), i.e. if you were to use a PoE switch, it would still be possible to assess the status of the PDUs and the sensors even if the power were to fail.


Saving on expensive network ports


Reduction number required IP addresses


No special cables necessary


BlueNet Service

Services specifically tailored to these intelligent PDUs are available for BlueNet products.

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