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Replaceable surge protection

Improve protection for your sensitive and cost-intensive IT devices with the new surge protection equipment.

Improved protection for your devices

To ensure a data centre’s function is not put at risk, it is essential to include a lightning and surge protection concept during the consultation and design of any such centre. A transition period still applies for DIN VDE, but for systems put into operation after 14.12.2018, lightning and surge protection will not only be mandatory, but the following detail must also be observed: The effective protection zone of an SPD (surge protective device) will be taken into consideration for the first time in the standard DIN VDE 0100-534, with a protection radius of max. 10 m.

This refers to the maximum permissible distance between the overvoltage arrester and the devices to be protected. If this maximum distance cannot be met, then additional surge protection must be installed as close to the protected device as possible. In a data centre, a maximum cable length of 10 m from the low-voltage main distribution or sub-distribution through to the devices is reached very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that an additional surge protection device (SPD) is installed either in the busbar tap-off units or as part of the PDUs directly on the devices in the server rack.

BACHMANN offers a modular lightning and surge concept for BN3000 – BN7500 PDUs in high-availability server racks that can be replaced during operation. The protection status of the arrester module is monitored by the PDU, visualised in the BlueNet web browser and an alarm can be issued as a signal sequence via various communication interfaces.

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