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PDU BlueNet BN2000 PLC

BlueNet 2000 PLC facilitates energy requirement monitoring via the existing power grid without any additional network infrastructure.

Powerline Communication

The BlueNet PLC Concentrator is at the heart of this innovative monitoring concept. It aggregates the data from all BN2000 PLC PDUs through the power grid, logs them and makes them available through its Ethernet interface via HTTPS, HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, SNMP trap and more.
The power data is recorded using compact BN2000 PLC PDUs. Alongside the integrated, high-precision measuring unit, they also feature two connections for temperature and air humidity sensors. The measurements are shown locally on the large TFT display. What's more, the measured data is evaluated by the integrated PLC (Powerline) communication module using the power grid of the concentrator and visualised using the pre-installed monitoring software. In parallel to the PLC technology, the Ethernet interface can also be used for communication purposes.  

Save costs with a lean infrastructure
Reducing running costs in data centres is one of the most challenging tasks faced when planning and operating a data centre. BlueNet BN2000 PLC can make a considerable contribution to those efforts. The costs associated with the network infrastructure and providing and managing the measurement data depend on numerous factors.

BlueNet BN2000 PLC allows you to greatly reduce the costs of energy monitoring:

  • Just one IP address per concentrator (up to 250 PDUs)
  • Reduction in investment costs and the installation work involved in network technology
  • Less effort for documentation 
  • Easy to link in and manage data in DCIM systems
  • Reduction in energy costs for data transfer of measured values 
  • PDU software updates are automated using the Powerline Concentrator

Central aggregation of data


Clear, intuitive monitoring software


Integrated reporting/grouping function


Low internal consumption

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Mounting & operation


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