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Residual current monitoring (RCM)

Using residual current monitoring allows changes in the level of insulation of a power supply to be detected at an early stage.

Maximum availability and safety

Using residual current monitoring allows changes in the level of insulation of a power supply to be detected at an early stage, before protective devices are tripped by a residual current that puts people at risk and involves the risk of fire. This time advantage allows countermeasures to be planned and contributes to the high availability of the power supply and therefore the system. 

Thanks to the BACHMANN BlueNet PDU, this residual current monitoring is not just undertaken at central measuring points, but at rack level per PDU, per phase or even per socket group.
The residual current sensor conforms to the relevant standards and provides a high physical granularity, maximum safety and high availability. This AC/DC-sensitive technology monitors all kinds of residual current in modern power supplies with switching power supplies. The residual current monitoring (RCM) is therefore particularly suited to use in IT.

Permanent monitoring of systems and operating equipment
Permanent monitoring is absolutely essential in modern information technology. Continuous monitoring equipment reduces the work involved in statutory retests. In accordance with accident prevention regulations (DGUV, rule 3), the system's testing dates can be adapted to suit actual circumstances and optimise costs using permanent RCM. 

The residual current monitoring (RCM) is able to record residual currents of 1 mA and higher. Residual current activation values can be set in the BlueNet software. The BlueNet software reliably signals instances where these values are exceeded. All measured values are transferred to superordinate systems via the Ethernet interface. A local display in the PDU also provides information about all important measured values. An RCM alarm or warning can also be triggered via the isolated PDU output or by the optional GPIO module. 

This setup ensures that the availability of the power supply has absolute priority at all times and that the system is not unexpectedly shut down in the event of errors.

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