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The FILUXX 1500 Series lamp connection system makes the installation of ceiling lamps safer, easier and compliant with standards.

FILUXX makes it easier and safer to replace lamps.

FILUXX – the unique standardised lamp connection system. The FILUXX lamp connection system is the only standard-compliant way to install lamps in their ceiling cavities.

The benefits of this are self-evident:

  • It can be employed wherever lamps are used, for example in homes, hotels, restaurants and shops.
  • Every time a lamp is changed, FILUXX prevents untrained people from coming into contact with the open power grid.

FILUXX offers the possibility of mounting ceiling lamps simply and safely on your ceiling using an innovative plug-in system. Once installation is complete, you hang your lamp on the integrated hook and can now easily change the lamp at any time thanks to the system plug. In rental properties, cables on the ceiling are no longer unnecessarily shortened.

Quick, simple, safe and patented – the FILUXX lamp connection system is all of these things.


Standard-compliant installation


Safe lamp replacement


Placements are easy to alter


Simple connector system


Load-bearing up to 10 kg


Diameter: 68 mm / 75 mm mounting depth





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