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POWER FRAME is the compact solution for integrated and easily accessible power and data connections for workstations.

Compact and efficient

Combining compact dimensions with high-quality timeless design, POWER FRAME opens up virtually unlimited application options that go far beyond the realm of office workstations. It is also perfect for sales showrooms and display windows, as well as trade fair and demonstration stands. In short, wherever secure and rapid connections are the order of the day.

Your chosen power strip simply plugs into the mounting frame from below without tools – a stroke of perfection.  POWER FRAME is the ideal solution when you need compactness and efficiency. 


Rapid installation


Suitable for subsequent assembly


Versatile in application


Timeless design


Compact dimensions


from 241x73x36 mm


Mounting frame: sheet steel
Socket: plastic, aluminium


Mounting frame: 34 mm
Mounting frame incl. power strip + retaining bracket:
50 mm

Socket orientation


Grey metallic



Stainless steel look

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Suitable accessories

More information about accessories can be found in our Complete catalogue.

Power strips


Wieland Device supply cables

Installation connection system

Custom Modules

Individual equipment

Mounting & operation


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