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CONI DUO is ideal for narrow conference and training desks, but can also be used in any living and work environment.

Twice as smart

CONI DUO provides simple and unimpeded access to power, media and data connections from two sides. There is no reduction in leg room under the furniture. 

When in a closed state, CONI DUO is fully integrated into the surface of the furniture. Cables can be very easily routed through the opening: this is also possible when it is closed due to the black brush insert.


Access from two opposite sides


Just one cut-out needed


Integrated into the furniture


Minimal mounting depth, robust design


Closed with cables plugged in


512x151x68 mm
782x151x68 mm


Mounting frame: sheet steel
Socket: plastic, aluminium

Mounting depth:

Frame (without mounting clips):
56 mm

Grey metallic


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Suitable accessories

More information about accessories can be found in the Complete catalogue.

Power strips

for connection panels

Custom Modules

Individual equipment

Wieland Device supply cables

Installation connection system

Mouting & operation


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