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BACHMANN supports educational projects

Over the past few months, companies have experienced the digital change at first hand. From one moment to the next, the virtual world became part of everyday life and some challenges had to be overcome. The importance of digital education has come to the forefront - not only for adults, but also for our young people. For this reason, the electrical engineering company BACHMANN supports educational programmes of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS) and the Stifterverband this year.

Promoting and strengthening young talent: Awareness of digitisation has increased more than ever before. No matter what age, the digital world must be accessible to everyone. This year we have understood how complex and at the same time how easy it is to use digital media. In the beginning, the step into the office at home seemed to be a big obstacle for many employees, a few weeks later it was the new normal for many. It is important to speak openly about challenges and opportunities and to push the issue of digitalisation.

This is exactly where the DKJS Technovation Girls Germany programme starts. In this programme, young girls are trained in the digital field and their digital competence is enhanced. "Education and especially digital education is very important for us at BACHMANN. As a company, we want to position ourselves for the future - we can only succeed in this if we have the right young talent. The foundation is crucial, because digital education encompasses the entire education chain - from kindergarten to school and professional apprenticeship", says Peter Bachmann, CEO of the medium-sized company from Stuttgart.

Working together for education, science and innovation systems

Having grown up as a company for electro-technical products, the Swabian today also concentrates on innovative system solutions to support digitalisation. One more reason to support the drivers of ideas of tomorrow. The Stifterverband's anniversary initiative Wirkung hoch 100 promotes ideas for better education, science and innovation and brings the people behind them together with experts. "This exciting initiative fits perfectly with our vision and is highly relevant to us. We want to identify potential for change and push this forward. Only by doing so we can remain successful in the long term. Every idea is worth listening to - in the initiative ‘Wirkung hoch 100’ they are made visible. That is important and must be supported," adds Bachmann.

At the fifth German Education Day, the medium-sized company from Stuttgart wants to draw attention to the topic. "This year was different than we thought - and digitisation suddenly became tangible. It is important to us that projects related to education are supported, this is the only way we can develop," adds the CEO. To mark the end of this digital year, the company is donating 3,000 euros to the DKJS on Education Day for the Technovation Girls Germany programme and is supporting the Stifterverband's 100th anniversary project ‘Wirkung hoch 100’ with 2,000 euros in funding.

About the organisation

The two co-founders of the Education Day, the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation) and the Stifterverband (Donors' Association of German Founders) are organisations that promote and establish projects and programmes relating to educational issues. The DKJS is committed to ensuring that young people can grow up well in our country. To achieve this, it initiates change processes: in kindergartens and schools, in the transition to work, in family or local youth policy. The Technovation Girls Germany programme supports girls in developing ideas, expanding digital skills and, with the help of self-developed apps, solving social and ecological challenges in their lives.

The Stifterverband is the joint initiative of companies and foundations which is the only one to provide holistic advice, networking and support in the fields of education, science and innovation. The Stifterverband's anniversary initiative seeks Germany's best 100 ideas for tomorrow's education, science and innovation system. Together they want to network these pioneers and help their ideas make a breakthrough. The mission: Together instead of side by side.

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