BACHMANN Updates in times of COVID-19

Dear customers, suppliers and partners

We hope you and your family are well. That's the most important thing these days.

The situation regarding the Covid-19 (Corona virus) poses new challenges for all of us, some of which we are unable to foresee. But together we will manage to master these times. Let us stand together! We will learn and generate new things and we will write new chapters together.

We would like to let you know that we are doing our best to ensure the usual BACHMANN operation in order to continue to provide the reliable service as long as possible.

Below you will find a summary of the most important information on availability and continuous updates from the company.

+++ 11/16/2020 +++

BACHMANN Stuttgart says goodbye, taking a winter break from Dec 14, 2020 until Jan 15, 2021. We are using the time around the holidays and the turn of the year to recharge our batteries for next year. Our supply chain is organized in such a way that the business can continue as usual for you as customer, supplier and partner.

Fully and in the usual manner we will be available again for you as of Jan 18, 2021.

This is how you can contact us
You can reach us on weekdays between 9 am till 4 pm. Please note that due to the company holidays there may be some restrictions.

For urgent cases, please contact us at +49 (0) 711 – 86602-0.

+++ 06/23/2020 +++

Normality returns: The loosening of the corona safety measures is increasing. Also, we at BACHMANN are now slowly returning to our offices while observing our hygiene measures. Thanks to our Safe Office solution from iotspot we can manage our return in a relaxed manner while keeping our distance from each other. So, we continue to ensure a consistent handling with the rules of conduct regarding the pandemic.

In addition, we are now beginning to travel more frequently within Europe in order to meet you personally. In doing so, we naturally comply with the regulations of the individual countries.

+++ 06/08/2020 +++

After the cancelation of Light + Building, and many other trade and in-house fairs, we are looking forward to our first virtual fair - the Digital BACHMANN Show.

From June 8th, 2020, you will find novelties from 2020, such as our PRIMO 2, a power strip which is able to do more than just distribute electricity. At the same time, we will look into the future with you. Through information, pictures and videos you will get to know the innovations from BACHMANN. Discover our Independent Systems and the smart workplace platform iotspot.

Come by and visit us: We are looking forward to you!

+++ 05/06/2020 +++

Today, we received the message that the catch-up date for the Light + Building end of September has been officially cancelled. The reasons are the effects of the worldwide corona pandemic and the associated bans for events and travel restrictions. Of course, we were also full of anticipation, but we absolutely understand and support the decision of the Messe Frankfurt. Priority has the safety of visitors, exhibitors and responsible.

However, we are already looking forward to take part at the Light + Building in Frankfurt in March 2022.

+++ 04/29/2020 +++

In a very short time, the corona virus has changed the lives of millions of people. The effects can be felt by all of us - whether in private or business life. We have taken up the challenge and are mastering it step by step.

Naturally, the health of our employees and yours, our customers and business partners, is our top priority. For this reason, we have been implementing measures for the protection of all for several weeks in order to continue to be there for you and to maintain our accustomed service.

After the first loosening of measures to contain Covid-19, we are receiving more and more requests for face-to-face meetings on site. We attempt to fulfil these wishes as best we can, of course in compliance with strict occupational safety measures and the regulations of the countries to ensure your protection and of course of our employees. They are sensitized accordingly and will be happy to inform you about all details.

Alternatively, we will do our best to clarify your concerns by phone, e-mail or virtual meeting - please contact us and we will arrange an online appointment as soon as possible.

You can reach us by telephone as follows +49 (0) 711 - 86602-0

Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Friday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are currently keeping our society and economy running and, of course, all those who are protecting your family and friends. Together we are strong: Let us face the challenges together.

+++ 04/01/2020 +++

BACHMANN Stuttgart says goodbye to the Easter holidays during calendar week 15. We are using the days around the holidays to recharge our batteries for the coming months. Our supply chain is organized in such a way that the business can continue as usual for you as customer, supplier and partner.

Of course, we ensure the usual service for your orders as well as a continuous delivery. We will be available again for consultation and quotations as of April 14, 2020.

This is how you can contact us

You can reach us on weekdays between 8 am till 4 pm. Please note that due to the company holidays at Easter there may be some restrictions.

For urgent cases, please contact us at +49 (0) 711 – 86602-0

Daily we follow the happenings concerning the coronavirus. We will dynamically adapt to current developments. For this purpose, we will keep you up to date on this page.


+++ 03/18/2020 +++

Far-reaching measures to stem the spread of Covid-19 are now also taking effect in Europe. These vary according to the intensity of the situation in the countries.

Of course, we will keep you informed about how the current situation is developing regarding to BACHMANN. For us, priority is the protection of everyone, which we check daily and ensure in the best possible way by implementing important preventive measures for our employees and for you. In addition, we are in daily contact with our plants and subsidiaries to maintain our supply chain and to fulfil our obligations.

Despite the current conditions, we treat your order with the usual BACHMANN quality. Currently, we mainly assemble and produce in our European plants. Due to the stock in our European distribution centre in Gumpelstadt and the supply of raw materials in Germany and Romania we are currently able to meet our delivery times. In addition, our plant and suppliers in China are now back in full operation.

However, we would like to provide you with a forward-looking planning and point out that sooner or later there may be delays due to the advancing stronger border controls. We will keep you informed about this.


+++ 02/13/2020 +++

Surely you have already heard through the media about the new type of lung disease which is spread in China through the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). As a preventive measure, we have imposed an immediate travel ban for our employees to and from Asia. At our sites in China and Hong Kong, the protective measures and rules of conduct, such as hygiene regulations for all employees, were significantly increased.

The Chinese government has taken various precautionary measures, including extending the holiday around the Chinese New Year until February 9th. As a result, our plant and external production sites were closed for longer period than expected.

Of course, we will inform all customers about the current status of their orders and try to keep our confirmed delivery dates. Since Monday, February 10th, our plant in China has resumed production with a reduced team. Furthermore, we assume that our suppliers will also reopen the plants fully in the next few days.

At the present time, the supply of raw materials and supplies for our plants in Germany and Romania is assured. We are optimistic about punctual delivery from the German and Romanian plants. If obstacles occur due to logistical peaks from China to Europe, we will do everything possible to meet the promised delivery dates by actively managing the supply chain.

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