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BACHMANN stands for expertise, quality, innovation and reliability in electronics.

BACHMANN: Innovative, individual, international


BACHMANN, founded in 1947, is an owner-managed company with a global presence in the electrical engineering sector. Based in Stuttgart, the BACHMANN Group develops, produces and markets innovative electrical components and systems such as intelligent power distribution units, desk connection panels and assemblies. Alongside the production expertise at our production and development centres in Germany, Romania and China, BACHMANN has 30 sales offices and partner companies worldwide. With around 800 employees, the BACHMANN Group sets new benchmarks in specific customer benefits through function, design and innovation.

BACHMANN offers solutions for a variety of application areas:
Office – functional, stylish and modular electrical systems, power strips and desk connection panels
Hotel – functional power distribution developed for modern interior design
Home – electrical products for stylish living that meet the highest design standards
IT Infrastructure – intelligent energy management for modern processing centres

What we stand for
To ensure long-term success, one of our key priorities is ensuring that our products, services and processes are tailored as closely as possible to continuously changing market requirements, with a strong focus on innovation and quality. Our clear objective is healthy, continuous and international corporate growth, to which each individual makes his or her contribution. We place particular emphasis on the personal relationships we have developed, in some cases over many years, with customers and suppliers as well as with our own employees. Values such as future viability, passion and respect are deeply rooted in our corporate culture and underpin our daily business.

“Our goal here at BACHMANN is to be a trendsetter, to offer value, and to bring innovations to life."

Peter Bachmann, CEO, Bachmann GmbH

An innovation hub, trend scout and service provider – these are the things that BACHMANN Systems, founded within the BACHMANN Group in 2015, stands for.  Experienced experts from the areas of electronics, network- and media technology think far into the future here and develop tailored technical innovations. This leads to new, ground-breaking products and systems for the processes of tomorrow, as well as innovative solutions for homes, offices, factories and processing centres. Direct current technology is one of BACHMANN Systems' core areas of expertise, which has been expressed professionally in the BACHMANN Group’s new 380-volt direct current data centre.

More information: www.bsg-bachmann.com   

BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany
BACHMANN branch in Gumpelstadt, Thuringia (Germany)
DC data centre in the BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany
BACHMANN Head Office in Stuttgart, Germany

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