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Visual harmony

Materiale video

As part of a modern conference room, the desk connection panel VENID offers both exceptional design and high functionality. The original desktop material can be fitted quickly and easily in the mounting frame, so the desktop and connection panel form a harmonious unit.
Perfectly integrated in the surface, VENID not only looks elegant but also offers a practical benefit, as the necessary cables can be conveniently stowed in the desk. The cover, which can be raised in either direction, is easy to operate, leaves room for the cables is easy to operate and leaves enough room for the cables to stay plugged in when closed. Two multiple-socket outlets can be integrated in the VENID tray and equipped individually. The mounting frame and tray are available separately, so existing cable duct systems can continue to be used without a problem.

Avantajele dintr-o privire

  • Harmonious surface thanks to visually smooth integration
  • Can be operated from either side for ease of use
  • Practical benefit of optional cable storage
  • Flexible equipment options for PDU