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What started out as a facility application can now also be found in our young KITCHEN SOLUTIONS market segment with socket outlet systems such as TWIST, ELEVATOR or POWER FRAME COVER. By the time TWIST was launched it was clear that not only can socket outlets provide power, but they can be attractive too. By winning the Red Dot Product Design Award and Interior Innovation Award, we have shown that it is possible to combine technical innovation and proven Bachmann quality with elegance and design.

Feedback from the market and ideas from our customers inspire us to a whole range of further product developments. Alongside these standard products, we aim to develop customised solutions for our customers.



KAPSA's classical, reduced lines make it a power strip that is both design-orientated and space-saving – designed for the kitchen, office and many other areas.

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The stylish PIX range is a collection of sophisticated, round socket outlet and connector units that can be used in many different ways.

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DUE is the ideal power strip for kitchens. An elegant power connection is also guaranteed when used in the office or other sectors.

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TWIST is a power strip for kitchen, office, lounge and further, custom areas of use. With its compact design and low installation depth, it is easily integrated in kitchen worktops.

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ELEVATOR fits perfectly in any kitchen. Designed for the particular requirements of kitchens, ELEVATOR's 79 mm diameter makes it perfect for installation in kitchen worktops.

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Elevator Cover

ELEVATOR COVER is the ideal add-on and screen for the ELEVATOR multiple-socket outlet.

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Power Frame

POWER FRAME is the compact solution for integrated and easily accessible power connections.

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Power Frame Cover

The compact POWER FRAME has evolved into the POWER FRAME COVER with an elegant and attractive aluminium cover.

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CONI brings flexibility to the work surface as it enables free, individual access to power. CONI's minimal installation depth provides sufficient space, even if installed near the edge.

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LIFT is the totally practical combination of sophisticated looks and high-precision mechanical design. The unit is recessed neatly in the worktop when not in use. Simply touch to raise out of the work surface ready for docking on all four sides.

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The universal multiple-socket outlet CASIA is an efficient solution providing an easy-to-access power connection in the kitchen.

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Kitchen connection box

No need to fit additional sockets The existing cooker socket can still be used Saves costs as no need to fit sockets later Rewirable WAGO® terminals

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