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The intelligent, modular energy management system


BlueNet offers a total solution for structuring, controlling and monitoring IT power networks. BlueNet captures consumption and output data and provides the user with relevant data and control options for modern power management.

Energy management


Monitor energy costs with BlueNet. All data, such as current, voltage, power, is depicted by the software and display. Loads can then be distributed such that failures due to circuit overloads no longer occur. Messages can be triggered automatically by means of adjustable threshold valves. Restarts controlled by web link further increase availability and flexibility. The BlueNet technology can be easily integrated in superordinate infrastructure software solutions using extensive, integrated interfaces.



Every Bachmann PDU is tested and documented during production one port at a time using a computer-based test program. Electronic components are continually subjected to stress tests to guarantee consistent quality. BlueNet is only integrated in compact, very robust, yet weight-optimised aluminium housings. Most of the requirements in relevant standards and guidelines are exceeded. Measurement accuracy varies by < 1% (see diagram below).

Energy efficiency


Bachmann BlueNet PDUs save energy. The technology used has some of the lowest operating consumption levels for intelligent measurement systems in the world. The modular structure of the BlueNet PDUs guarantees maximum packing density. The tiny amount of space needed by the PDUs leaves room for cabling and air conditioning in the rack! The BlueNet Basic Monitored series is one of the most compact power metering solutions with integrated network and sensor interface anywhere in the world.

The advantages at a glance

  • Current measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Phase angle measurement
  • Effective power calculated with regard to phase angle
  • Frequency measurement
  • BlueNet display
  • Accuracy class 1

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