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BlueNet Monitored PLC

Power Line Communication


Benefits of Power Line technology


  • The PLC module can be combined with all BlueNet Monitored products
  • Narrowband Powerline Communication (PLC) with high availability and not susceptible to disturbances
  • Data from any number of PDUs is managed centrally using a concentrator
  • Optimisation of investment and operating costs through reduction in network cabling, patch cabling, IP addresses and switch ports
  • No additional space needed in the PDU for the PLC module
  • No cable-lined radiation / disturbances in the network
  • 95-125 Khz according to Cenelec B
  • Internal consumption 0.2 W

BlueNet Monitored modules with PLC


  • Keep an eye on costs with monitored power consumption and power factor
  • Each device has a unique serial number, which appears in the SNMP tree via a central unit
  • Connection and disconnection without interrupting data communication
  • Each unit has a unique serial number
  • 7 st. units are queried per second
  • Around 300 std. units a minute can be queried in parallel with one central unit
  • If the units are supplied by different three-phase power systems, one central unit must be used per system
  • Alarms are issued in real time. Individual nodes can be selected and therefore queried every second

PLC Concentrator


  • Very compact Power Line Concentrator
  • (35mm DIN rail (type O) can be fitted on top hat rails)
  • All data is recorded centrally by the data concentrator (3 phases) and therefore managed centrally too
  • All SNMP-capable management software can read the data from the data concentrator
  • No moving parts (no fans, has passive cooling, industrial-strength Flash memory)
  • Serial connection for maintenance and updates
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Status LEDs

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