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BlueNet BN3000 (Master / Slave)

Current and power metering from the comfort of your desk


BlueNet BN3000 is the next generation of BlueNet products. An optimised shape factor, PDUs that can be cascaded via Modbus and a rotatable OLED display create the ideal basis for the energy monitoring system of the future.

The data centre's mains supply is monitored and remotely controlled from the comfort of your desk with BlueNet Network products. BlueNet increases data centre availability, minimises down times and cuts costs.

BlueNet monitors current, voltage and power. This allows resources to be planned efficiently and alarms to be issued in the event of faults.

  • PDUs can be cascaded via Modbus, just one Ethernet connection is needed for 10 PDUs
  • Extremely compact design (1U wide x 60mm deep)
  • OLED display can be rotated
  • Robust housing made from torsionally rigid aluminium profile
  • 1-phase and 3-phase versions
  • 3.6 KW - 22 kW power range
  • Coloured phase assignment of socket inserts
  • Measurement of: Current, power (effective, apparent and reactive power), energy consumption, voltage, frequency, power factor, N conductor
  • Measurement per phase
  • Option for connecting external sensors (temperature / air humidity)
  • Operated locally or using web browser via Ethernet port
  • Protocols: HTTP,v SNMP, Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s, DHCP, NTP
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 1%
  • Internal consumption < 4 W

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