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The BlueNet series from BACHMANN has a number of features that offer added value.

Cascading using the master-slave concept

When there is an intelligent brain behind the thought and control processes, you can be sure of efficiency throughout. This is the principle behind the BlueNet Master PDU concept. Central intelligence is especially important when many network ports are installed in a distributed manner. Precise, secure and reliable control of a wide range of ports can only be achieved with a stable system. BlueNet Master PDU are the first choice here.

Smart master-slave concept
BlueNet Master PDU can communicate with up to ten BlueNet Slave PDU via one Modbus connection, thereby saving space and costs. The PDU are connected via a standard CAT5e network cable. This makes the use of special cables a thing of the past. It is possible to make the connection very lean and to create it in the rack row with no patch panel cabling. The data for all connected Slave PDU can be clearly displayed and read with ease via the IP address of the Master PDU. No special configuration of the network switches is required. The master-slave concept therefore also ensures the necessary and very detailed transparency of consumption, load and relevant statuses.

Customer-specific PDUs

A professional and homogeneous data centre power supply requires PDUs that adapt to your needs and not vice versa. That's why, in the area of custom-built PDUs, the BlueNet series offers tailor-made units that extend far beyond the standard product range – whether for one single unit or many. Some racks may need a variety of sockets but very little power, depending on the data centre. Others, however, need a great deal of power and additional protective devices, but fewer sockets. Furthermore, power supply sockets may be required right next to sockets for non-heating devices. Due to the high level of integration, you also have the option in a custom-built version to control and connect your cost-intensive network ports centrally via BlueNet. All custom-built PDUs are equally compact.

Energy Management

With intelligent functionality, the PDUs contribute to higher system availability and lower energy consumption. Whether by means of data to optimise power usage effectiveness or high packing density, efficiency is paramount at BlueNet.

Accurate measurement and billing
Precise measurements and transparency for correct allocation of power consumption support you in the analysis and identification of heavy consumers. A holistic appraisal of your data centre enables you to initiate optimisation measures quickly.

High billing grade accuracy
This high measuring accuracy of the PDUs and the software used is an important quality feature of the BlueNet series. The PDUs have an accuracy of ±1% across the entire measuring range. This means that measurement at 32 A deviates by a maximum of 320 mA. This is called "billing grade accuracy", i.e. a level of measuring accuracy acceptable for billing purposes. You will receive all measured power consumption data in digital form and can bill this to your business or departmental areas. This significantly conserves your budget as an internal data centre service provider.

Rapid identification

To distinguish between PDUs in the data centre faster and with greater ease, the new BlueNet PDUs are available in ten different colours. Users can therefore quickly distinguish between A and B supply, 16 and 32 A or single- and three-phase systems. Different areas in the data centre can also be  equipped with different-coloured PDUs.

Safe connections

BlueNet provides various ways of safely connecting servers with PDUs. In addition to slide-on locking clips, which secure two C13 ports, there is also the height-adjustable universal interlock, which can be used to lock both C13 and C19 ports. With the aid of SecureSleeves, the plugs can not only be secured, but also colour-coded – without additional, special cables having to be bought.

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