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40 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing power distribution solutions. True to this history, BACHMANN is synonymous with high-quality and innovative electronics and high measurement accuracy, packaged in extremely robust aluminium housings.

We provide solutions in IT energy distribution. Our intelligent and modular product range provides great peace of mind. The PDU Basic (Power Distribution Unit) and BlueNet products meet all key requirements for a safe, future-proofed and highly efficient energy distribution, especially for data centres.

BACHMANN IT POWER SOLUTIONS provides various solutions for this sector:

• New and intelligent power distribution systems

• Upgrading of existing power distribution systems

• Combination of existing PDUs and BACHMANN IT POWER SOLUTIONS products



BlueNet offers a total solution for structuring, controlling and monitoring IT power networks. BlueNet captures consumption and output data and provides the user with relevant data and control options for modern power management.

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BlueNet BN3000 – BN7500

BlueNet BN3000 – BN7500 is the next generation of BlueNet products. An optimised shape factor, PDUs that can be cascaded via Modbus and a rotatable OLED display create the ideal basis for the energy monitoring system of the future.

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BlueNet BN3500 – BN7500 Features

The BlueNet series from BACHMANN has a number of features that offer added value.

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Residual current monitoring (RCM)

Using residual current monitoring allows changes in the level of insulation to be detected at an early stage before protective devices are tripped by a high residual current, that puts people at risk and involves the risk of fire.

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BlueNet BN2000 PLC

Powerline Communication is the next consistent step towards an energy-efficient data centre.

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BlueNet BN2000

BlueNet BN2000 monitors current, voltage and power. This allows resources to be planned efficiently and alarms to be issued in the event of faults.

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BlueNet BN0500

The BlueNet BN0500's LCD provides the most important information about the power supply directly in the rack.

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IT PDU Basic 1HE

With its IT-PDU 1 U, BACHMANN provides a huge choice of PDUs in a high-quality aluminium profile.

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IT PDU Basic 1HE Vertikal

Development of the IT PDU focused on space-saving PDU integration in the server rack with scope for modular expansion.

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