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The SMART Adapter series offers convenience and safety in response to your demand for intelligent living – all packaged into a timeless, modern design. At the same time, the SMART Adapters allow greater security for your entertainment electronics and enable electrical consumers to be easily and remotely switched using an app or a remote control – and end devices to be charged with USB standard.

Easy to use – great benefits.
Our SMART Adapters with integrated radio remote switches can either be put into operation in a Wi-Fi network with a user-friendly smartphone or tablet app, or by using the remote control option which is also available. Both solutions then allow you the convenience of switching your devices remotely. Wi-Fi SMART Adapters can also be linked with the 433 MHz radio SMART Adapters. Devices which need to be charged using a USB cable can be charged with a current of up to 3.4 A without sacrificing a socket outlet – and at up to 1.7 A/port. The overvoltage protection adapter protects electronic devices using state-of-the-art technology.

Article No. (from left to right):
919.021 | 919.023 | 919.024 | 919.025 | 919.022

Smart complete system – flexible use
The socket outlets on the output side for the radio and Wi-Fi SMART products can be switched from a distance via remote control or an app for smartphones and tablet PCs. It is easy to train the remote control function, which can be done quickly. After this has been done, there is nothing else to prevent you from conveniently and remotely switching consumers. Wi-Fi SMART products are detected using a simple process in the corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet and now also offer the option of being remotely controlled alongside timer, countdown and absence functions. In addition, radio-based SMART products can be trained and also switched using the app. A complete system which can be easily retrofitted – and which fulfils the demand for user-friendliness and flexibility in one holistic package.

Article No. (from left to right):
919.021 | 919.023 | 919.024 | 919.025 | 919.022

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Networked radio and Wi-Fi adapters
  • Added safety thanks to overvoltage protection
  • USB charger adapter with 3.4 A total charging current
  • Very flexible