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The new BlueNet WiFi/LAN module provides three separate switching and measuring groups for extended power metering and temperature measuring, and the switching of individual socket outlets and complete power strips.

The management interface is integrated in the web server and is operated via the web browser in the network or with Dynamic DNS via the Internet. The BlueNet WiFi app is available for mobile end devices.

The maximum switching capacity is a full 16 A per switching group. Switching can be performed both manually and automatically using load, temperature or time thresholds which can be set individually.

The WiFi/LAN module can be integrated in virtually all Bachmann products. External temperature sensors are available as accessories in lengths of 3, 10 and 20m.

An external RP-SMA antenna connection is provided for all Bachmann's IT WiFi/LAN products.

External WiFi antennas are also available as accessories.

Thanks to its compact design, the WiFi/LAN module can be integrated in the modular Bachmann system and combined with connector systems, basic products and other components.

Manual switching


The WiFi/LAN module is accessed by Internet browser or mobile app. A static or dynamic IP address of the local network is assigned to the WiFi/LAN module. A dynamic DNS is fully supported and allows access (including remote access) to connected WiFi/LAN products with all functions, such as switching the switching outputs and monitoring of temperature and power data at any time. Depending on product variant, can also be switched using local buttons.

Time-controlled switching


The WiFi/LAN module provides convenient programming of the timer via the web browser. Only the time is entered during daily switching (on/off). The socket outlet's system time can be automatically synchronised via the Internet on a daily basis. The days of the week can be set for weekly switching processes. The switching actions (on/off) are selected individually for each time. All settings are saved in an individual profile. Up to four profiles can be created with the WiFi/LAN module.

Temperature monitoring, threshold value alarms and temperature-dependent switching


The ambient temperature is measured using the connected temperature sensor and displayed directly in the web browser and app. If values exceed or fall below personally defined threshold values, e-mails are sent automatically. Limit values, at which the selected switching groups are switched automatically, allow e.g. an air conditioning device or a heating fan to function in a particular temperature range with the aid of WiFi/LAN technology.

Power metering, issuing of threshold value alarms and load-dependent switching


Within the WiFi/LAN module, the present electrical power of the three switching groups is measured and visualised via a web interface or app. Again automatic switching is possible following a freely definable effective power threshold value per switching group. E-mails can also be sent automatically if values exceed or fall below the measured power or electrical work.

The advantages at a glance


  • Three switching groups of 16 A each
  • Temperature measurement and power metering
  • Load management and cost control
  • Management via web interface and smartphone app
  • Remote online access via Dynamic DNS
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Ethernet connectivity