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At Bachmann, high-quality products and technical innovations have always been the foundation of our business. Our experience of the market, which spans decades, is also an important part of the mix, as it enables us to spot new trends, evaluate them and then quickly translate them into new products. That is why our partners, which include both tradespeople and retailers, always have access to a product range that it is the very latest the market has to offer – whether in terms of safety, environmental protection or energy-saving requirements.

Another important factor is the way we have designed our development and production structures to cater for non-standard requirements as well. In fact, we go the extra mile by providing the levels of reliability and precision that our customers need, a quality they have very much appreciated in us over the years.

We will do everything we can to support your sales and distribution activities by delivering on time, using packaging that is specifically designed to boost sales and by providing thorough training - that's part and parcel of our basic philosophy of working in true partnership. We are also happy to help you with any technical queries you may have at any time.


SMART Adapter

The SMART Adapters offer greater security for your entertainment electronics and allow electrical consumers to be easily and remotely switched using a smartphone or remote control – and end devices to be charged with USB standard.

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BlueNet Wifi/LAN

The new BlueNet WiFi/LAN module provides three separate switching and measuring groups for extended power metering and temperature measuring, and the switching of individual socket outlets and complete power strips.

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Wireless 868 MHz

The radio modules, based on a proprietary 868 MHz ISM band radio standard, allow socket outlets to be manually remote-controlled. The optimised module size enables the radio module to be used with almost all Bachmann products.

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Contacts last longer with SART. To allow radio modules with miniaturised relays to be operated safely, reliably and for a long time at high switching loads (230 V, 16 A), they come with optional SART technology (Smart Adaptive Relay Triggering).

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Connect Line

Compact power strip Large product family Including mounting brackets with flexible fitting options

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Overvoltage protection, mains & frequency filters, USB double charger

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Tradesman's strip

15 mm spacing between socket outlets Socket inserts set at 90° Socket outlets disengaged individually or in pairs

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