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Modular installation offering flexible supply to office workstations


Modular installation offering flexible supply to office workstations.

LanLight® combines power, network connectivity, connections to media and even lighting in one modular, multifunctional system. The consistently modular construction lets you adapt and use it flexibly in office environments. The supply system creates order in providing the various connections required at the workplace, and so increases safety. With its clear styling and high-quality materials, it fits harmoniously and unobtrusively into its surroundings.

The advantages at a glance

  • Delivers exactly what is needed to each workstation
  • Provides power, data and media connections and lighting
  • Modular and multifunctional – from cable connections to floor box and mobile power columns (with or without light fittings)
  • Attractive, harmonious visual design
  • No tangle of cables under the desk
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Operating Instructions

All manuals for LanLight® can be found here.

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