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Form and function in a duet


DUE is the ideal power strip for kitchens. An elegant power connection is also guaranteed when used in the office or other sectors. With its interchangeable covers, it can be colour-coordinated to its surroundings or create accents as desired, even after installation.

The split cover allows DUE to be slid open as required, with a design that looks equally elegant when in use. The low installation depth of less than 45 mm allows it to be compactly integrated into kitchen worktops, desks or installed above drawers. DUE is also perfect in form and function when wall-mounted.

Variants: 2 x UK socket outlet / 2 x socket outlet with earthing contact

The advantages at a glance

  • Interchangeable covers in black, white and stainless steel optic
  • Low installation depth (less than 45 mm)
  • Space-saving even when open
  • Drilling template included
  • Integrated water outlet
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Operating Instructions

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