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CONI COVER is an elegant way of accessing separate power supply units or standard cable installation systems under the top of furniture. It is ideal for tables with built-in cable ducts, for example. CONI COVER can of course also be retrofitted to existing equipment.

To access the connections, the cover of the CONICOVER simply has to be opened. Thanks to the integrated brush insert, the cover can even be closed again with devices connected. The harmonious appearance of an "even" furniture surface is retained.

Both small and large versions of the CONI COVER mounting frame are available. They have an R5 corner radius, which enables them to be flush-mounted in the furniture. The mounting depth of 24 mm is suitable for a minimum tabletop thickness of 16 mm. It is  fixed in place with 4 screws. These are screwed on from the inside through corresponding holes on the long sides of the mounting frame. Mounting instructions and cut-out dimensions are supplied with the unit.

The advantages at a glance

  • Compatible with all manufactures of duct and furniture
  • Ideal for retrofitting
  • Integrated brush insert for closing even when cables are connected
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Operating Instructions

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