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The presentation for CEO has to be finished, budget planning needs to be completed: That‘s when you can rely on DESK 2. With flexibly configurable connections for power, data or media, it provides you with everything you need in the workplace. Letting you work efficiently.

DESK 2 is a multiple-socket outlet that can be populated with various communication modules. It has been designed for flexible use in the office, meeting rooms, home offices or desk sharing environments. The outlet is made from aluminium and is available in various colours. The connections are screwed onto the standardised module windows and can be easily changed over. DESK 2 is secured to the desktop with aluminium mounting brackets, and cables are routed behind the screen. The design is unostentatious and straightforward, the materials used durable and high-quality.

Your are interested in DESK 2? All of our products are available via your competent trade specialist. Contact us for more information! 

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The advantages at a glanc

  • Design solution for modern workstations
  • User-focused 45° orientation
  • Covered wiring to the edge of a desk or table
  • Custom versions adapt to future requirements

    Assembly Instructions | Operating Instructions

    You can find the assembly and operating instructions for DESK 2 here