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BLUENET residual current monitoring

Create the right conditions in your data centre with BlueNet.
The intelligent PDU ensures maximum availability and continuous safety, thanks to RCM (residual current monitoring) Type B and permanent system and device monitoring. Hazardous fault currents are detected as they form. For greater safety in your data centre.

Using residual current monitoring allows changes in the level of insulation to be detected at an early stage before protective devices are tripped by a high residual current, that puts people at risk and involves the risk of fire.

This time advantage allows countermeasures to be planned and contributes to the high availability of the power supply and therefore the system. Thanks to the BACHMANN BlueNet PDU, this residual current monitoring isn't just undertaken at central measuring points, but on the socket outlets of every consumer. This standard-compliant residual current technology, the result of a joint development with Bender, provides a high physical granularity, maximum safety and high availability. This AC / DC sensitive technology monitors all kinds of residual current in modern power supplies with switching power supplies. The new BlueNet residual current PDU is therefore particularly suited to use in IT. 

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The advantages at a glance

  • Greater safety for people, operations and systems
  • More cost-effective
  • Greater fire protection